First Sunbelt Properties, owner of two suburban office parks, is a commercial real estate firm, but not full service. First Sunbelt Properties needed a real estate partner to handle their leasing needs and protect their investment, and saw a relationship with Brookmont as a way to do both.

“Brookmont has more than vision. They try to see through the other guy’s eyes to understand the challenges he is facing. They helped us realize the value of our location and ultimately market our properties as a great fit for suburban tenants. These guys not only have vision, but integrity. They are the kind of company you feel fortunate to partner with.”

Brookmont sees flexibility as an overlooked element of success, and why companies often overlook opportunity. “If a client tells us their need, we’ll customize our services to meet that need. In the current business environment, business has never been so fluid and you can no longer take loyalty for granted. If you don’t offer clients a way to move up, they move on. Leasing office space is all about building relationships, so you can be there with an offer when their lease is up.”

—Dick Darden President First Sunbelt Properties

Project Partner: Bo Grisham

Brookmont Realty Group handles leasing and brokerage for two office parks that stand out in the suburban environment.