When Protective Life Corporation began construction on a 300,000 square foot building that would expand their headquarters complex, choosing the right development consulting team to partner with was simple.

“Brookmont Realty Group became our number one choice because they stand out in their attention to detail. Many real estate firms can be more about the deal. Brookmont is able to deal with the day-to-day realities of a major project so we stay within budget and schedule limits, without limiting our vision. In our field, we are always looking for the real thing. Brookmont holds up to that standard.”

—Carl Thigpen, Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer Protective Life Corporation

With over $4 billion in real estate investments, Protective knew they had the assets to be their own developer. What they wanted was the confidence that comes from a good development consulting team.

“We had a relationship with Protective, and knew they wanted a real estate firm that would give them control of the project and let them take the lead. The stakes on this type of project can be very high because you’re dealing with such large investment numbers. Our consulting services made sure Protective met their goals both financial and physical, as well as their inspiration of what the space could be.”

– Charles Simpson , Managing Member Brookmont Realty Group, LLC

Project Partners: David Walker and Charles Simpson

Brookmont Realty Group brought expertise to the construction site of a national headquarters expansion.